Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Screenlets in Jaunty

I used to use Screenlets, which are a lot like Google (and Yahoo and Opera) widgets, a long time ago. But with all the changes I had forgotten about them.
So, today I reinstalled them in Ubuntu 9.04 on my EeePC.
Now they're really easy to install as they're included in the Ubuntu repos so it's just a matter of opening Synaptic and installing Screenlets.
To get them to show up on your desktop, just click the Screenlets panel icon (or go to Applications>>Accessories>>Screenlets) and select the ones you want. Right-click on the screenlet to get a menu and select the Properties option to configure.
I've initially installed the Clock, ClearWeather in my two cities, Date, Gmail, two favourite Radio stations and a Picture of someone special.
Of particular use is to identify each screenlet as a widget, then select Widegt Layer on CCSM. Now you can use F9 to Show/Hide your screenlets. This is really useful.

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