Monday, June 01, 2009

Opera inline spellchecking using pt_BR

Well, I'm afraid no progress has been made here although the extent of my problem is perhaps a little clearer (see my last post on this topic).
What I've found since then is that:
i) adding both pt_PT (portuguese from Portugal) and en_GB-oed (both .dic and .aff files) to /usr/share/opera/locale/en or /usr/share/opera/locale/pt, as appropriate, provided two more options for inline spellchecking. However, in contrast to pt_BR, both of these worked fine.
ii) Given the problems experienced with pt_BR.aff and pt_BR.dic from here, I also located the same two files in the Foresight Linux 2.1.1 install (as part of Ooo). So, I copied these to the /usr/share/opera/locale/pt folder but these, equally, did not work.
iii) I saw this post which claimed that some guy had gotten these these files to work in Opera. So, I PMed him. He replied that it worked fine for him, but in Windows rather than Linux.
So, I tried the same files in Opera 10 in both Windows XP and Mac OS X (10.5) but in neither case did they work. Always the same behaviour -- pt_PT and en_GB-oed work without problem in whatever platform, but pt_BR does not.
So, I PMed this guy again asking him to email me these files that work for hi, thinking that perhaps what I was downloading were corrupted. But haven't received anything yet.
iv) Also I emailed the coordinator of BrOffice.Org (email address at bottom of this page) but have not yet received a reply.

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