Sunday, July 19, 2009

Tried Giver file transfer app in Linux Mint.

Giver, which I had written quite a lot about (see here and search for Giver to find more posts) comes already installed in Linux Mint 7 so I decided to see had it improved since I last used it.
I tried it between the Linux Mint 7 installs I have on the EeePC 901 and on the Mac. Now, in summary I have to say that despite some network (or perhaps wireless card) problems that I had, Giver for me seems still just too temperamental much as it was when I tried it before about a year ago.
For quick and trouble-free file transfer between networked computers, these days I don't look any further than woof. I have never had a problem with it.
Giver on the other hand is absolutely marvellous when it does work but this is not guaranteed. In particular, Giver on the Mac just would not "see" the Giver I had working on the EeePC. So, while I could file transfer from the EeePC to the Mac, I couldn't transfer in the other direction.
So, at this stage, I'm going to leave Giver aside and don't intend to come back to it unless some serious development work takes place.
I posted to the Linux Mint forum about this where just a little more details is available.
However, this highlighted another problem that I had in that I could not, at times, ping from the EeePC to the Mac (destination unreachable).
Seems this is related to the 1 Mb/s bitrate that shows up occasionally with iwconfig. When it changes to 54 Mb/s (for reasons I just don't understand) now only can I ping but I can use Giver to transfer files from EeePC to Mac.
However, as I mention in the forum post, the only possible expanation for this strange phenomenon is that the wireless card on the Mac is showing its age (although the machine is less than 2 years old).
Have to wait and see what happens here.

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