Wednesday, October 27, 2010

iTeleport on iPod Touch 3G

I paid €20 a few days ago for iTeleport for my iPad and didn't know I could use the very same app on my iPadTouch without paying a cent more.
But, I suspected it as a possibility.
So, into iTunes with a view to syncing the app to my iTouch but no iTeleport to be seen.
But this was just a matter of plugging in the iPad to iTunes, right clicking on the device (iPad) and hitting "Transfer Purchases".
Once iTeleport had shown up, I ejected the iPad, hooked up the iTouch and synced the apps I wanted, including iTeleport, to the iTouch.
Amazingly, it works perfectly although perhaps just a little slower than the iPad doing the same job.
Up to now I've been able to operate OS X 10.6.4, Ubuntu 10.10, Windows 7 as well as Haiku from both the Dell E520 and the EeePC 901.
As with the iPad, all OSes work well in TouchScreen Mode other than Haiku.
But, imagine that I'm using Haiku (in alpha) at all on my iPod Touch -- it's quite amazing.
Very pleased with this pleasant surprise.

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