Tuesday, October 12, 2010

What to do if WebPositive tab goes off screen?

Again a relatively minor issue, but it took me a while to find out how to handle this annoyance.
The problem is most prevalent in my EeePC901 where the actual Haiku resolution is 1024x768 while the screen is 1024x600 so a part of the screen is "off-screen".
Particularly when manipulating the page by dragging the bottom right corner, the yellow tab at the top can go off screen. So, this means Web+ can't be either turned off or moved down the screen by means of the yellow tab.
It can, of course, be shutdown from the Deskbar but the next time it's started up, it starts in the position where it was shutdown.
The trick is to position the mouse cursor onto the very thin edge of the Web+ page in which condition, it can now be dragged intil it's back where you want it.
Another problem I've had with Web+, this time on a 1280x1050 screen, it that the page opens full screen, with the yellow tab off-screen,and no obvious way to get it back exists.
What I've found works is to click on Window and open a new window. In my case this always opened less than full-screen and was therefore easy to handle. Then Use Window>>Quit to shut down the old fullscreen window.
Not perfect if you have a lot of tabs open but better than nothing.


  1. Many months have passed, so perhaps you have already found this too, but if you have an "F2" key, try (which opens a new workspace) and invoke the "Workspaces" desktop applet.

    Belo Horizonte looking great! If I ever visit Brazil again I would like to go to MG.

  2. Sorry, HTML ate it, that should have been Alt-F2.