Saturday, February 19, 2011

Arora 0.11.0 in FreeBSD

I had already posted about trying out the Qt-based Arora browser in Haiku and found it disappointing in that it crashed at the drop of a hat.
Anyway, as I'm still in the process of deciding which is my preferred browser in FreeBSD (Midori is in pole position right now), I gave Arora another work-out.
As it's available in FreeBSD's port system, I compiled it right there.
First, it does not crash in FreeBSD so that puts it in a totally different league.
Next, I was able to set up a proxy connection using Tools>>Options>>Proxy and connect to and thereby get the benefits of pdnsd in Arora.
Finally, Arora has a nice bookmarks bar that I could easily fill up with my favorite websites. However, unlike Midori (or Stainless and OmniWeb in OS X) no favicons appear in the bookmarks bar, just the words.
All-in-all, Arora is highly usable and fast in FreeBSD but it really has nothing to knock Midori off its pedestal for the moment.
Incidentally, I wrote this post in Arora 0.11.0 in FreeBSD 8.2 RC2 and everything went fine until I got to uploading the screenshot I included with this post. CPU went to 100% and the upload failed. Indeed, I had to force quit Arora to get things working again.
So, I had to move to Midori and using the automatically saved blogger draft, I was able to easily upload the screenshot in Midori.
Yet, another reason why I'll be sticking with Midori.

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