Tuesday, October 25, 2011

RSS feeds on Haiku

I came across a nice little app in Haikuware called FRiSS which is an RSS feeds reader.
It works very well for me. Indeed, it has an advantage over the Conky RSS reader which, as I mentioned in my post, does not allow clicking the headlines to get to the full page. But, FRiSS does.
In addition, the small FRiSS window you can see on my screenshot cycles through all three of the feeds I have added so far.
Setting up FRiSS is very easy. The only problem I had was in setting WebPositive as the browser to use when opening feed pages rather than the default Mozilla.
To do this, you must go to Preferences>Misc. and select WebPositive. In addition, you must change the Browser MIME-Type to application/x-vnd.haiku-webpositive
Also on this preferences page, make sure a Refresh Interval of at least 3 minutes is chosen as otherwise the settings won't be accepted.
To get FRiSS to scroll through all of your feeds streams, check the box to Load next feed instead of current.
Next, go back to the Edit item window and Save and Close.
Incidentally, I found that once you start adding the URL on the window, the Save and Close button becomes grayed out. However, making a change to the Browser for this feed box brings the Save and Close back.
FRiSS comes as a replicant.
One of the RSS feeds that I used was a combined Haiku news RSS which I got from here.
The URL is
This is very useful as it can keep you up to date on all of the major blogs, forums and articles on Haiku OS.

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